Welcome to the Central Sierra Chapter of Bikers for Christ (BFC).  BFC is an

international ministry that uses the motorcycle as a media to reach out to

others. Motorcycling is the integral part that brings us to those we are called to

reach out to.  It is the thing that opens the door between our calling and the rest

of the world.

We support motorcycling in its' many forms, the culture which

has developed around it, and the riders who are out on the road. We go out on

the highways and byways, reaching out to the Biker World, the outlaws, the 1% ers,

the homeless, the prostitutes, street youth, those in prison, and all the people that

mainstream society would want nothing to do with. We figure that our lives may be

the only glimpse of Jesus that most of the them may ever see.

We thank God the He has given us the privilege of using our love of motorcycles to

enable us to share our passion, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, to those who

may never have had the opportunity or want to step foot in a Church.

Central Sierra Chapter of Bikers for Christ is located in the San Joaquin Valley of
California and stretches from Merced, Oakhurst mountian area, Fresno to Visalia.  We
have many other chapters throughout California and all over the
United States and
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